Weight Gain After Bariatric Surgery
     Weight gain after undergoing Bariatric Surgery is not uncommon.  Unfortunately about half of all patients begin to regain weight after 2 years and up to 30% of patients will regain up to 50% of the original weight lost within 5 years. 
     Gastric bypass procedures have been shown to be a remarkable aide in the treatment of obesity, showing positive impact on diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure.  But with good there is always the oops.
     A bariatric procedure changes the map and the route.  It does not change the underlying issue of what caused the original weight gain.  Stress eating, snacking, poor food choices or lack of food knowledge.  These all contribute to the cause.
      Dr. Mallow, Medical Director of the Mallow Center has been working with gastric bypass patients since 1995.  He has found that no matter the procedure, patients need long term follow up care by a physician familiar with the medical issues that can arise related to the procedure.  Vitamin deficiency, metabolic issues, are just a few, but the  most important, Preventing The Regaining of Lost Weight!   
    Heart surgery patients see their cardiologist after a procedure and on a regular basis to allow them to maintain good cardiac health.  So It only makes sense that a bariatric weight loss patient would have long term follow up with a physician knowledgeable in healthy weight management.